20 September, 2011

7notes press conference


7notes press conference, a set on Flickr.

This is a bit of old article, however, even I don't use iPhone/iPad any more, the application is quite interesting.

MetaMoJi is a company founded by Ukigawas who used to be head of JustSystems.

Have you ever used ICHITARO, HANAKO, ATOK? They are very popular software, many Japanese personal computer makers bundled these. Recently they ported ATOK to iPhone and Android, so now you can use ATOK on your smartphone.

Above are sort of background of MetaMoji.

This time, they presented "7notes" especially to foreign journalists/tech writers because this is their challenge to the global market. And the application is called "7notes HD" you can find the app through the link


So what is this?

Basically, this is a note-taking-app with hand-writing feature. Sometimes it is easier just handwriting than key typing.  But, this is not just featuring hand-writing, it also can convert the written letters into digital data - in this context I mean digital data as letters which typed in by a keyboard. Yes this app recognise letters you wrote by hand, then make them into letters as if they're typed in. Amazing, isn't it?

Of course you have a choice - to convert all the letters is not mandatory. Leaving hand-written letters the way they are is another fun. For instance, If you're into calligraphy, you might want to write some text in that manner, and that's it. No hassle.

And another feature, if you are a dropbox/evernote user, you're lucky! Saving memos from 7notes to those applications is also easy.

Getting excited? Want to know more? Visit the link and you'll see :)


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